All Fortnite Chapter 2 locations and landmarks revealed

Epic Games have been encouraging Fortnite players to take a look around the map to kick off Chapter 2, Season 1, after hiding named locations from the map until they’ve been visited.While this can take quite a long amount of time, especially for those who have already found a point of interest that they like, a new map has been created by a fellow Fortnite fan to help show everybody what they can expect to find in different areas.It doesn’t help that Epic Games also never released any detailed patch notes for the v11.00 update when the new season went like on October 15, meaning the only way to see what changes had been made was to jump right off the Battle Bus.

Now, it’s pretty obvious to see that with a new map comes a whole load of new points of interest, landmarks, and really good areas which will probably take a whole for people to find.If you can’t really be bothered searching the whole island from head to toe right away, or would like to scout out some new areas to try, this map from Reddit user musava_ribica will make things so much easier.

As the map shows, each corner of the map is very different and there are tons of new places to take a look at, even if it takes a while to see it all.Speaking of hidden locations, the weekly mission challenges – released on Thursdays – will require players to find different letters on the map. For week 2, you’re going to have to find the letter O and if you would like some help with that, check out our simple guide.Once they are all collected, at some stage in the season you will receive a new skin as a reward.

Article Sources : FortniteIntel.com

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