Fortnite player pulls off amazing 1000 IQ edit on unsuspecting opponent

Despite all the changes to Fortnite to make it more new player friendly, there are still situations where you can massively outplay your opponent.For players who have played Fortnite for several seasons now, it’s clear they have a few more tricks up their sleeves than others do.Something that separates the great players from the good in Fortnite is the ability to perform quick edits with their builds and this player showed that off in a big way.

Reddit user xxmaffiaboxx420 gave us a look behind the curtain about what it’s like to outplay an opponent so hard they have no idea what is happening.The Redditor was able to place a wall inside a house, held their edit on it, and then hid around a corner. Their enemy came into the hallway to loot when the edit was let go and a window was made.This caused the enemy to look into the window, thinking somebody was back there, but the threat was in a different spot entirely and they were quickly eliminated.
Nice lil edit trick loot bait? from r/FortNiteBR

Moments like this that we saw play out in Salty Springs will go a long way to helping players bring home the elusive Victory Royale.Of course, this situation requires a lot of things to go right but when they do, there’s really no better feeling knowing that you’ve greatly outplayed your enemy.If you want to pull off plays like this yourself, you’ll have to practice, but you know the old saying: practice makes perfect.Plays like this are far and few between and you might be finding yourself camping for much longer than you want to, so it might not even be worth it.Nevertheless, it’s a good play to keep in your back pocket for when you might need to pull something out of your bag of tricks.

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