Is Fortnite Chapter 2’s new map bigger than the old map?

The new map in Fortnite Chapter 2 may seem bigger on first impression than the old classic island, but a comparison reveals a slightly different story.Chapter 2 began on October 15, and added in an entirely new map for the first time in the game’s history.Previously, developers Epic Games had simply done updates to the existing map, both big and small, but the core layout remained pretty much the same.

In fact, Season 10 – the final season of ‘Chapter 1’, saw countless map changes thanks to the ‘rift zones’, which would transform entire POI’s.Now though, that old map is dead and gone, with a new island in place, one that feels slightly more expansive when you first drop in.But, is the new map really bigger than the old? Fortnite fan 1upAnalytics has done the maths, and the results are slightly surprising.The new Chapter 2 map does have a larger square meterage than the old (2600 vs 2500), but this doesn’t tell the whole story.Because of the amount of ’empty space’ in the new map (making up 34%), compared to the old map (27%), the actual playable area is in fact very slightly smaller.
According to these calculations, the Chapter 2 map is 97.79% of the old map (i.e. the chapter 1 island is 2.21% bigger) in terms of real playable space.In gameplay terms, this difference isn’t really enough to make a significant impact. If you initially dropped in and were convinced this map was bigger, it may just be due to unfamiliarity.Often when an area is unknown, we might perceive it as slightly larger as it is more daunting, but when you are used to it, and how to navigate it, it will seem increasingly smaller.
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