Bots in Fortnite Chapter 2 are way worse than everyone expected

Fortnite Chapter 2 introduced a long list of new features. One of the more underrated improvements included the ability to spectate your friends while waiting in a lobby. Find out how to spectate friends in Fortnite here.Most video games are better with friends, and Fortnite is no exception. It can be fun to run around in solos, but a lot of players enjoy the teamwork and comradery that comes with duo and squad games.For all of Fortnite’s life, players have had to wait in the lobby if they want to join a friend’s squad. You could queue up for your own game, but the timing of both games ending hardly ever worked out.It seems like players have been requesting a spectate feature since Fortnite first launched. Finally, with the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, we got our wish.

While not many expected the newly added Bots in Fortnite Chapter 2 to be any good, they’ve turned out to be a lot worse than what everyone was anticipating.The launch of the highly anticipated Chapter 2 in Fortnite Battle Royale has added a tremendous amount of new content, including a brand new map.Slightly lost in all of the fanfare has been the fact that Epic Games have added Bots to the casual playlists, which they announced several weeks prior to the new season.While Epic haven’t came out and said it outright, many are convinced that these Bots were added to give lesser skilled players an easy way to get kills, which is why the higher you go up the skill-based matchmaking chain, the less Bots there are in matches.And while the developers themselves did confirm that these AI players would not have any advanced abilities, such as being able to do 90s or drive vehicles, not a lot of people could have imagined them to be as bad as they actually are.

A video published on Reddit by user ‘ganjabliss420‘ showed him coming across a Bot and stopping short of shooting it down when he realized that it wasn’t even attempting to put up a fightInstead, the Bot simply continued breaking down walls and farming materials, occasionally looking over at the player, but never attempting to fire its weapon at him.About a minute after their first came across each other, it finally realized there was a player near it and began engaging in battle, even building a wall to protect itself, before the player decided enough was enough and mowed it down effortlessly.“As it turns out, the AI bots are actually quite good!” the Reddit user wrote sarcastically. “It seems as though they are capable of putting up a decent fight!”

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