Fortnite Final Reckoning bundle leaked – price, skins, more

Halloween is fast approaching and Fortnite will be celebrating the occasion with a new bundle that will feature some new cosmetics for players.Fortnite hasn’t missed a Halloween event in its short lifespan and things aren’t changing this year as there will be a third event in just a matter of days.To commemorate the occasion, Fortnite will be releasing the Final Reckoning bundle featuring three different outfits. Many would agree that some of the best cosmetics Fortnite has ever released have been the Halloween ones.

Of course, many will point to the Skull Trooper, but there are also some others, notably the Ghoul Trooper, which itself has turned into something the OGs like to claim.Fortnite is upping the ante with three new skins with this bundle that will cost players $19.99, which is usually the price of just one Legendary skin. The news of this bundle comes from Fortnite leaker FunGamesLeaks.

The leaker went the extra step and showed us a glimpse at what it looks like in the PSN Store, which goes more in-depth about the bundle, including things like the skin names.These skins are the following:Catrina Outfit and Mourning Glory Back Bling,Willow Outfit and Dolly Back Bling,Blacklight Outfit and Indigo Wings Back Bling

It’s looking like that since these skins are available in a bundle, you won’t have the option to purchase them individually.Keep in mind that while these seem very real and likely, it’s all just a leak for now. Until we get some sort of confirmation from Epic, be wary of it and take it with a grain of salt.We’re quickly approaching the end of October so if it’s coming, it’ll certainly be here sooner rather than later.

Article Sources : Reddit , FortniteIntel , Twitter

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