Every Fortnite Chapter 2 chest location and spawn

Fortnite Chapter 2 introduced a brand-new map to the game and as a result, everything you thought you knew about the world was turned on its head, including chest locations.With many of the old locations now gone, Fortnite players are left to discover new looting spots without any prior knowledge to fall back on. It can be a daunting task but luckily someone went through the trouble of finding all the chests.Twitter user Crash7_ counted out the chests in all of the new locations and revealed them, showcasing the best looting spots. Sweaty Sands – 35 chests Dirty Docks – 31 chests Lazy Lake – 28 chests Misty Meadows – 25 chests Steamy Stacks – 23 chests Frenzy Farm – 21 chests Craggy Cliffs – 19 chests Slurpy Swamp – 18 chests Holly Hedges – 14 chests Weeping Woods – 11 chests

Of course, those don’t cover the locations that are holdovers from the old map, such as Pleasant Park and Retail Row, but Crash has us covered there as well.

This is great information to have if you’re looking for a new drop spot for the new season and want to know what location has the most chests.Sweaty Sands leads the way among the new locations with 35 chests but Dirty Docks isn’t far behind with 31.Weeping Woods, perhaps living up to its namesake, has the least amount of chest spawns with just 11.However, as many players may know, it’s not about the quantity of the chest but it’s about what the contents are. If you open up four chests and get a bunch of junk loot, that’s not going to help at all.Players still haven’t had a ton of time with the map yet so more discoveries are being made daily. One thing that is missing from this map is The Block, which was a rotating POI that was created by a member of the community.That was a location that always left players on their toes due to its ever-changing nature.

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