How to avoid falling damage in Chapter 2 with the Assassin's Creed style trick

Players discovered that Epic Games was inspired by Ubisoft's Assassins Creed with a new mechanism to avoid falling damage.This new Fortnite Chapter 2 contains many tips and tricks, including the addition of swimming and fishing, as well as the use of boats.But every day, the community explores more and more instructions and discovers a new thing with shrubs that will help you avoid the damage caused by falls.

These new tall bushes can be spotted at various locations around the map, often the opposite of high drops.As shared by the FNBRHQ, you will be able to jump from a great height but not suffer any damage if you land in the ideal zone.

Anyone who has ever played the Assassin 's Creed series will soon have to see you because you are often forced to dive into piles of leaves. This is only the last of a series of discoverers. We have six others that you may have missed here. We would like to see you at some point, but for the moment it seems we will be here.

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