How fast is swimming vs. running in Fortnite?

Epic introduced a new mechanic to Fortnite Chapter 2: swimming. Find how the best method of transportation and how to move faster in Fortnite.Epic completely overhauled the mobility system in Fortnite Chapter 2. We went from having Shockwaves, Rifts, Launch Pads, Bouncers, Grapple Guns, Driftboards and more in Season X to having nothing but a boat and our own two feet in Fortnite Chapter 2.Traveling around the map now takes longer than ever, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Players are split on the mobility changes, but there are pros and cons to having a lack of mobility. It’s slower but it also reduces the reliance on RNG.Epic will undoubtedly add more mobility items as Fortnite Chapter 2 chugs along. For now, though, we’re stuck swimming, running, and driving a boat. It helps to know which method is the fastest if you need to get somewhere in a hurry. That’s why @1UpAnalytics on Twitter created an easy-to-understand graphic on swimming, running, and boating.

As you can see, running and swimming through still water is about the same. Dolphin Diving, however, makes you move much faster. Take a look at our guide to Dolphin Diving if you need some tips.Your speed significantly increases when you’re swimming and Dolphin Diving with the current. You can swim nearly as fast as a boat that isn’t boosting when you’re with the current.1Up Analytics does acknowledge that the strength of the current varies. In my experience, the current grows stronger the closer it is to the edge of the map. It’s virtually impossible to swim against the current in these areas.Some of this information is intuitive, but it helps to put numbers to our in-game experience. Now, we can take calculated risks like swimming with a current that may take us in an indirect path rather than running in a straight line.

Article Sources : Reddit , FortniteIntel , Twitter

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