Fortnite players are literally fishing for bots now

With the addition of fishing rods in Fortnite Chapter 2, players are using them actually fish for bots and bring them to their death.Most players think of a fishing rod as something that will be used to, you know, fishing for fish, but some are using as a way to actually fish for players.Chapter 2 introduced bots into the game and while they don’t have special skins that designate them, it’s quite easy to point them out.

Instead of eliminating them right away, players are trying to troll them by using the fishing rod to bring them into harm’s way.The fishing rod is able to land on other players pull them closer, so if you put down a floor trap, you’ll be able to drag another player onto it. Of course, this is very hard to pull off on a live opponent so it’s really only worth doing on a bot.Reddit user revkuh showed just how many times you can cast your line before the bot even fights back. Spoiler alert: they never really put up much of a fight.The player was able to bring the bot in eventually to his doom, without ever being in danger.

Fishing for bots from r/FortNiteBR

We also have a moment when Fortnite star Ninja and his squad tried to take out a bot in a similar manner, but he accidentally grabbed one of his teammates instead.This brings us to an important point: your teammates are not safe from the fishing rod. At the end of the day, the fishing rod won’t ever be a good source of eliminations, but it’s still fun to try out and see what you can do.

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