Giant Flopper fish are terrorizing Fortnite players

Fishing has quickly become one of the essential strategies in Fortnite. Fish provide the best healing items by a mile, and there’s a chance you’ll grab the elusive Mythic Goldfish that has almost exclusively been seen through Reddit clips.Speaking of Reddit clips, a new bug is popping up and causing players to become enveloped in a giant Flopper fish, making them nearly impossible to shoot.

This was one of the first sightings of the giant Flopper running around in the wild, but it wasn’t the last. Another player had the misfortune of running into a Flopper that shot back.As he states in the title, this was the final Flopper boss.

Giant flopper! from r/FortNiteBR

We also have a moment when Fortnite star Ninja and his squad tried to take out a bot in a similar manner, but he accidentally grabbed one of his teammates instead.This brings us to an important point: your teammates are not safe from the fishing rod. At the end of the day, the fishing rod won’t ever be a good source of eliminations, but it’s still fun to try out and see what you can do.

Final Flopper Boss from r/FortNiteBR

This is all a bit of a meme, obviously, but it’s also kind of serious. It’s unclear what causes this bug and we know that it can lead to certain death if you don’t have your L2 Spam equipped.Players who are enveloped in the Flopper are impossible to see. The clip above shows the Flopper boy standing still and sniping the player on a ramp.Is this an exploit? Is it a glitch? We don’t know yet. Hopefully, “removed the ability to become massive Flopper fish” will be listed in the non-existent patch notes next week.

Article Sources : Reddit , FortniteIntel , Twitter

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