Fortnite Leaked Item: Harpoon Gun

Data miners have found the first new item coming to Fortnite Chapter 2: the Harpoon Gun.Epic Games released the first true patch of Fortnite Chapter 2 on October 29. v11.10 is now live, virtually confirming that Epic has vaulted the patch notes.Of course, data miners were able to get into the game files and find a list of leaked cosmetic items from the patch, as well as the next item that will be coming to Fortnite as soon as next week.Thankfully, data miners don’t need official Fortnite patch notes to get a hold of new items coming to the game. The Harpoon Gun is the first item Epic will add to Fortnite in Chapter 2 – if you don’t count the pumpkin launcher, at least.

The Harpoon Gun falls in line with the fishing theme of Chapter 2. The description of the item positions it as a PvP weapon, but it would be interesting if it had something to do with catching fish as well.Epic is making it difficult to understand exactly what’s happening with their lack of patch notes. Players were crossing their fingers that we’d get some patch notes with the first true patch of the season, but we were all disappointed.

Hopefully, Epic will address the lack of patch notes at the very least. Transparency has always been their strong suit, so it’s strange to see them take such a drastic turn without saying anything.

Article Sources : Twitter, FortniteIntel

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