All Fortnite Chapter 2 daily challenges leaked

After finally releasing the first set of proper patch notes in Chapter 2, Epic confirmed that daily challenges are making a comeback in Fortnite, and leakers may have already found them all.Epic removed the tradition daily challenges back in August 2019, which annoyed some players as it essentially meant there was less to do if you were a ‘free’ player.Without buying the Battle Pass, there were more limited challenges available each day. But Epic quickly rectified things by confirming that the limited-time missions which were replacing them would be available to all players, even those without the battle pass.

Daily challenges are back though, in addition to the continuing limited-time missions, confirmed in the v11.20 patch notes, with three available to complete each day.

As the name implies, the tasks rotate on a daily basis, but leakers have managed to compile a full list of all the challenges possibly coming in future days throughout Season 1 of Chapter 2.The full list of leaked daily challenges, courtesy of FortniteInsider:

Article Source : Twitter , Fortnite Intel, Reddit

Apply Shields Catch Fish- Catch items from fishing spots at Lazy Lake- Catch items from fishing spots at Slurpy Swamps- Catch items from fishing spots at Sweaty Sands- Catch Weapons- Damage- Damage with Explosives- Damage with Pickaxe- Damage with Rares- Damage with Scoped Weapons- Damage with SMGs- Damage to Structures- Damage with Uncommon Weapons- Damage to Vehicles- Damage with Epic Weapons- Eliminations- Blow up a fishing spot with an Explosive weapon- Use a Harpoon on a fishing spot- Catch items from fishing spots- Gain Health- Harvest Brick- Harvest Metal- Harvest Wood- Hit Weakpoints- Outlast enemies in solos or duos- Outlast enemies in solos or squads- Pickup each rarity- Pickup legendary weapons in different matches- Top 10 solo or duos- Top 10 solo or squads- Win a Team Rumble match- Play Matches- Play Matches with friends- Search Ammo Boxes- Search Ammo Boxes [can be specific to any named POI]- Search Chests- Search Supply Drops- Use throwable items in different matches- Use traps in different matches

As noted in the v11.20 patch notes, you can have three active daily challenges at a time, and once a day you can swap one of them out for another. Each challenge will reward you with XP, and as mentioned, you don’t need to be a Battle Pass owner to access them – simply check the newest challenges when you log in each day. With Season 1 of Chapter 2 now extended until early February, so we can expect to see this list of varied challenges rotate over the next few months, hopefully giving you a chance to complete all of them. As with all leaks, it’s important to note that things could change in development.

Article Source : Twitter , Fortnite Intel, Reddit

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