Leaked Fortnite item codenames may hint at upcoming mobility options

Fortnite Chapter 2 completely changed the game as we know it, even introducing a new map, and currently, the only way to get around is by foot or by boat, but that may be changing soon.The new map has plenty of waterways for players to zip around on by boat, but that doesn’t really help them get around better on land. With that said, the boat can still move around on land but it definitely isn’t the most ideal use of it.That all may be changing in the near future if a leaked list of codenames is anything to go by. Posted by dataminer HYPEX, who cites spidicey1, there are numerous items that could be coming to Fortnite.He does mention that some of these may have been scrapped so we can’t get our hopes up too high. Fortnite is in need of some more mobility and the Scooter that’s included in the list of leaked names could be bringing it.

A Scooter certainly sounds like it’ll be a one-person vehicle, much like the Driftboard was, but we don’t know for certain until it comes into the game, if it does.While players are in need of more mobility, there’s some other interesting things that can be found on this list, including whatever a Tornado Grenade is.If we had to guess, it sounds like it’ll whip up a tornado that could displace players and structures, which sounds interesting but leaves us wondering how it could actually work in-game

The Cage trap could be an interesting item as it sounds like it would trap a player in a cage momentarily upon triggering it, opening them up for a barrage of gunfire.It’s possible we could see any one of these items in an upcoming patch, but Epic might not be telling us about it.Since the introduction of Chapter 2, the developers have completely ditched patch notes and have instead required players to figure out what has changed with each update for themselves.This has created a lot of discussion across social media about communication from the developers, but Fortnite still remains wildly popular so it doesn’t look like the decision has really impacted much.

Article Source : Twitch , Fortnite Intel, Reddit

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