Leaked Fortnite Machine Pistol could be coming soon

The Fortnite Machine Pistol that was leaked a while back might be the next weapon coming to the game based on recent balance changes.It’s nearly impossible to figure out what’s going to happen in Fortnite without any patch notes or announcements from Epic. What’s coming next? What has Epic changed? We don’t totally know.Most recently, Epic added the Harpoon Gun to Fortnite without warning or announcement. We saw some leaks suggesting that it would be coming, but no official The same thing may be happening to the Machine Pistol. We saw leaks surrounding this item months ago, but it never came to the game. According to @Hypex on Twitter, we could be closer to getting the Machine Pistol than we think

The Machine Pistol has been in the game files for a long time. Data miners found it in there several patches ago, but Epic never released it to the public.Now, though, they’re tweaking things like damage, fire rate, and spread. It would stand to reason that Epic will release the Machine Pistol to Fortnite after making these changes.Similarly, Epic is tweaking the numbers on the Scoped AR, suggesting its return to Fortnite.

The Scoped AR has never been one of the most popular weapons in Fortnite, although it’s had its uses. Now, with the long-range nature of Fortnite, Scoped ARs would be more viable than ever.Fortnite Chapter 2 has an extreme lack of mobility. Player’s aren’t flying through the air on Launch Pads and Shockwaves like they were in Season 10. The Scoped AR is perfect for the current meta.

Article Source : Twitch , Fortnite Intel, Reddit

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