How to get supercharged XP in Fortnite with power-leveling weekend

This weekend, October 19 and October 20, you can get ‘supercharged’ XP in Fortnite Chapter 2, thanks to the new power-leveling feature.Although everyone seems to be loving Chapter 2 so far, there have been some complaints about how ‘grindy’ the progression seems, with it changing drastically from the first chapter.There are no longer any stars to help you climb the ranks, instead, you now earn experience points for various activities, and with the battle pass now going beyond just level 100, there is a lot of XP to be gathered.Thankfully, Epic are giving a bit of a boost to the grind for this weekend, and potentially future weekends too, with the new power-leveling system.How does power-leveling work?For October 19 and 20, and potentially future weekends too, you will have a limited amount of ‘supercharged XP’.

When you have this charged up, it’s believed you will earn experience points at double the standard rate: “Play Saturday and Sunday to unlock the PE supercharges and level up faster. The bonus lasts until you use it. Good luck and have fun!”

If you can combine this supercharged XP with the challenges (if you’ve still got some to complete) then you will be able to fly up the levels on October 19-20.There’s also new ‘Feats’ for Chapter 2, which are tougher challenges to be completed over the course of the first season.

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