The real reason we have bots in Fortnite Chapter 2

Reddit User MA32has a good theory with the Fortnite Chapter 2 bots

When we dropped into this new world that we’ve been playing on for the last few days, we dropped into another that has not yet seen the fighting and building that can take place. The bots are the inhabitants of the island, and they are not yet skilled fighters. The bots are us when fortnite first started. It’s why they only build one wall etc. So in the cutscene when we dropped from the battlebus we rocked their world because we came from a time and dimension much more prepared for combat. This world looks like a much for scoentific one, as you can see from them having harnessed the energy of the cube (the silos). My hope for the story is that this operation E.G.O will try to do the same thing X did and we will stop it due to having seen what such a corrupt organization can do.

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