Rockets are no longer the only projectiles player can ride in Fortnite

When players first discovered they could ride on rockets, Epic Games decided to keep it in the game, but that isn’t the case here.Rocket riding was discovered by accident and it has since become a staple of Fortnite. While it started off as a bug, Epic decided to keep it in the game due to the gameplay options it was able to bring.While the art of rocket riding has died off a bit since Season 2 and 3, it does still have its place in the game. However, players have discovered there’s actually a different projectile they can ride.

This one is an actual bug that will be patched out, but one player accidentally discovered the ability to ride on a sniper bullet.Reddit user nonxgaming captured this moment in a clip and shows how they were carried across the map from a bullet.

I rode on my friends sniper bullet from r/FortNiteBR

This will be extremely hard to replicate in-game but an Epic developer said it will be patched out in the future.

However, many fans are actually pleading with the dev to keep this in as it doesn’t really provide any sort of gameplay edge and it’ll be fun to mess around with in the game.For right now, it doesn’t sound like that will be considered as an option but Epic does like to listen to the community on certain things so perhaps they will change their tune.

When rocket riding was changed from a bug into a feature, they made it so the rocket had a surface for players to stand on so it was much easier to ride. The sniper bullet travels much faster than the rocket so it’ll be a lot harder for players to time these rides.

Article Source : Twitter , Fortnite Intel, Reddit

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