All leaked skins and cosmetics from Fortnite V11.10 update patch

Fortnite’s V11.10 update is now live in the game’s servers, giving dataminers and leakers the perfect chance to dig into the files and reveal some early cosmetics.The V11.10 update patch will be headlined by the Fortnitemares – a Halloween-themed event that should give Chapter 2 a spooky atmosphere for the time being. As we’ve seen with Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, Epic Games love to go all out in order to give the battle royale a true makeover. That comes in the form of skins, backblings, gliders, harvesting tools, weapon wraps, and even a few music kits.That’s no different this time around, as leakers have already gotten their hands on a raft of cosmetics that should hit the item shop at some point soon.

Fortnite v11.10 leaked skins and variants

Thanks to leaker iFireMonkey, we’ve gotten an early look at these cosmetics – including some Halloween-themed skins, as some that don’t look all that spooky. As usual, Epic games could very well be placing some of these skins in the game files now for a later release, meaning that we would see them too soon. Regardless, though, it never hurts to look.

The Haunted Forest is right where you thought it was: Weeping Woods. This area is one of the more underrated landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2, and it just got a new Halloween update.The buildings don’t look too different from the normal Weeping Woods layout, but there are a few spiderwebs decorating the bushes.Inside, you’ll find some spooky floating furniture you can destroy to complete one of the other Fortnitemares challenges.

Fortnite Spooky Farm Location

Fortnite v11.10 leaked pickaxes

Another vital part of the cosmetics are the pickaxes because what else are you supposed to harvest materials with? The leaked ones for the V11.10 update are mostly Halloween-themed, with a few others thrown in there too.

Fortnite V11.10 leaked gliders

Gliders are another perfect way to set yourself a part from the crowd when you enter a game of Fortnite – and there’s some coming in this leaked batch too.

Fortnite V11.10 leaked wraps

There are a handful of new wraps in this leaked batch, but you won’t be placing any zombies or Instead, these wraps are pretty colorful and fit into some of the sets that are already in-game like Open Water and Arcane Arts.

Should these Fortnite leakers get their hands on any more leaked items, including weapons and challenges, we’ll be sure to keep this post updated!

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