Refillable bottles could be the next item Fortnite Chapter 2 needs

Fortnite Chapter 2 introduced a lot of changes to the game as we know, but adding in refillable bottles could be the change we need.A radically different map has been introduced in Chapter 2 which even features a whole lake that will heal players.Of course, players are only able to feel the healing effects if they spend time in the lake but once they move on, the healing will be left behind.But what if you were able to bring some of that lake along with you? That would be solved with refillable bottles that let you scoop up some water and carry it around.

Think of it as a similar mechanic that’s found in the Zelda series, where you’re able to fill up the bottles with potions or water so you’ll be able to use them when you need to.Reddit user kevin777787 whipped up a concept that shows what the bottles could be used for and it’s hard to deny that they’d have some good uses.

[Concept] Refillable bottle from r/FortNiteBR

The bottle would be able to be found near the water, like fishing poles, which would make any spot near the water a good landing spot. This concept creates water as a drinkable resource that you’ll be able to use to gain 10 HP.Of course, this would be a big change and would almost eliminate the need to carry around bandages since water is very accessible on the current map.Epic does like to add new items to Fortnite with regularity so perhaps something like this could be added this season.Chapter 2 has been focusing on the water on the map this season with the fishing poles and boats, so it’ll be interesting to see what Epic has up their sleeves.What do you think about this concept? Would it be something you want to see in the game? Let us know what you think!

An Epic employee replied to the Reddit post thanking them for sending the report over and stating that they’ve sent it to get the bug looked over. We can expect a fix for the bug pretty soon.

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