Fortnite Weapon Upgrade Benches could improve by enhancing shields

Weapon Upgrade Benches in Fortnite have been extremely useful in Chapter 2, but they could get even better by giving players an option to upgrade their pots.Epic Games changed up the formula with benches scattered throughout the new map which lets players upgrade one of their weapons at the cost of materials. While the feature has its situational uses, it can come in the clutch when needed most.But ever the creative fanbase, the Fortnite community have devised a simple way for the devs to give the Upgrade Benches a major enhancement in regards to the defensive capabilities it could allow players.

In a Reddit post, ‘IAM-ARMANDO’ put out a suggestion to make Mini Shield Potions upgradeable to Big Shield Pots by expanding the Upgrade Benches utility. “Can we be able to upgrade Mini Shields to Shield Pots,” they said. “Sometimes when I’m running duos with my friend we have a lot of Minis and this would be nice to get to that 100-100 HP.”The player hinted at one of the most annoying situations in the late game, or any part of a match, where looting leaves a player with a ton of Minis which only allows a player to heal up until the 50 Shield Point cap.Regular Shield Potions, however, lets players push past that 50 cap to get a full blue bar of 100 Shield Points.

In their mockup, it would take six Minis plus 150 wood, 150 brick, 150 metal to make three Big Pots on the bench.This would be incredibly useful since after a few fights won, players can routinely have an excess of Minis and mats but still be stuck at only 50 Shield since not a lot of people can find Big Pots as a game progresses.The idea has been extremely well received by the Fortnite community, as it seems more than a few people have found themselves in desperate need for a way to get Shield Potions throughout their games.So far players have been liking the big changes in Fortnite Chapter 2, and this would definitely be another step to further improve the game.

Article Sources : Reddit , FortniteIntel , Twitter

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