Zombie gets hilarious revenge on toxic Fortnite player

Jump-scare zombies usually don’t help the Fortnite experience. One lucky streamer was treated to sweet, sweet vengeance at the hands of one of these undead allies.Fortnitemares 2019 is over, now, and it was the best in Fortnite history. Instead of husks terrorizing the map, Epic isolated them on a small island and largely kept them contained in their own LTM.Instead of husks, Epic released jump-scare zombies into the game. These beasts weren’t nearly as troublesome, but they were pretty scary when you were trying to farm a car or walking by a haystack.

Zombies aren’t all bad, though. In rare cases, they can even help you out.Twitch streamer zeromusRISING posted a clip to the FortniteBR subreddit, showing how a friendly zombie helped him finish a toxic Fortnite opponent.

Thank you Zombie! from r/FortNiteBR

This is an example of why you should act like you’ve been there before. The opponent took some time to showboat after his kill, then got cleaned up by a zombie from behind.You can see the surprise and joy on zeromusRISING’s face after the zombie gets the one-shot finish. He might not have been able to secure the kill, but his zombie friend did the work for him.Now, ban the zombie for teaming.

Article Source : Twitch , Fortnite Intel, Reddit

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